Beyond The Lies

Beyond The Lies is a program of Compassion Over Killing that brings the truth about how animals are raised and killed on farms and in slaughterhouses across the U.S. to people through powerful pay-per-view video outreach. We offer passersby $1 to watch our 4-minute mini-documentary, then discuss how they can make compassionate choices in their lives. We also collect email addresses from our viewers who pledge to consume fewer animals to use for helpful follow-up communication.

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Are you a vegan college student looking to become part of a community of other student activists and do more on your campus for animal rights? Check out Compassion Society!

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Beyond The Lies Upcoming Events

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Our tours have reached over 15,000 people since starting in 2018, spreading awareness about the impacts of animal agriculture through powerful video outreach and personable conversations.



At every event, our trained touring staff show our powerful mini-documentary, discuss ways viewers can live more compassionate lives, and collect pledges to eat more vegan meals and email addresses for follow-up communication.



Since beginning our tours, we’ve visited 40 cities in 27 states all over the U.S., bringing our message to major metro areas, as well as more rural areas that don’t often get an animal rights message.

Where the Tours Have Been


We get lots of great questions, both through social media and at our outreach events. Here’s a few we’ve compiled below.