Beyond The Lies Spring Tour Volunteers

Please check out our website to familiarize yourself with the tour.

We're seeking local volunteers to assist with our incredible pay-per-view outreach on our California tour! We need people who can help entice people to watch the video, talk to viewers after they're done watching, and help our amazing tour staff as we bring the truth about animal agriculture to thousands of people this fall.

Volunteer Requirements:

  • Ability to conduct outreach outdoors and in crowds of people
  • Ability to conduct outreach outdoors in all conditions while occasionally surrounded by hectic crowds.
  • Passion for animal rights issues and dedication to a vegan lifestyle.
  • Ability to engage in productive, empathetic, and inspirational conversations with diverse demographics.
  • Ability to discuss inherent issues in animal agriculture to encourage the consumption of more vegan foods.

Volunteer Tasks:

  • Entice passersby to watch the Beyond The Lies video.
  • Debrief viewers to answer their questions and inspire action towards a more compassionate world.
  • Work productively and cooperatively with BTL staff.

Once you have filled out the form you will be contacted by a Compassion Over Killing staffer to confirm your availability. Please check your spam / junk folder for our email!

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